I feel like I’ve been on a streak of article writing lately, which is good, but I’ve also been neglecting the original charter of this site–to post experimental and spontaneous photos. Fortunately, I’ve been taking a lot of experimental and spontaneous photos, I just haven’t been posting them. So, without further ado… the New London Pier on a foggy morning.

This first one has a pretty wavy tone curve applied to it (in Lightroom), which brings out that great bit of light in the sky while not plowing all of the foreground shadow into an inky black mass. There is also a split tone (blue for highlights, brown for shadows) that I think gives it a very interesting feeling.

This one is almost my favorite minimalist composition ever, and that’s saying something. I’m a big stickler for minimalism (if you didn’t know), but what really grabs me about this is the wonderfully placid reflections in the water on the left and, if you look closely, the ever so subtle and soft point of land coming out on the right edge.