Not that it wasn’t official before, but now there is a real website for the workshops I’m doing with my colleague in the coming months.

A photography workshop, for anyone not “in the know,” is basically where you can meet other photographers, either hobbyists or working professionals, and together learn about photography techniques in a hands-on and very one-on-one environment. The workshop format is widely used and very popular for exactly those reasons. It’s great for learning, great for networking, and is usually a very good time besides.

Right now, Death Valley in April 2008 is the only workshop up on the site, but we are thinking about doing some of these (I’d love it if anyone has thoughts about these or their own suggestions):

  • Cape Cod, early winter (for late November, ‘07)
  • Boston or New York City urban/street (probably not till spring ‘08 when the weather gets nicer)
  • Acadia National in Maine, either winter ‘07 or summer ‘08… Or both!

Those locations are more local to us, so we’d be able to do them at a much lower cost, maybe $199 per person for a day or two, depending (not all-inclusive, though, of course).

Leave a comment if you have ideas for workshops you’d like to see or any other thoughts, and please do keep an eye on the website for upcoming sessions!