There’s this guy… Let’s call him “Carlo Allegri.” That’s his name, after all. He was born in Bermuda and raised in Toronto, and all he ever wanted to do was take photographs. He started as a photo-journalist and worked his way up over many years to finally become a senior entertainment photographer for Getty in Los Angeles.

The dude loves Profoto gear. Wait, you don’t know Profoto? They make some pretty high-end on-location strobes and other lighting accessories. (Buy ‘em from B&H.) Two 2400 watt-second strobes with basic reflectors, a battery pack, and a case to carry them in is going to run you around $2,500, and then things go up from there.

Anyway, if you’re into off-camera flash, Allegri is someone you should idolize. He has perfected what he calls “guerrilla lighting” wherein he can set up a shoot for an A-list celeb, snap off 20 or 30 photos, and have them off on their way in sometimes less than five minutes. This guy can not only capture the mood and emotion of the individual, but also throw together a creative lighting setup in as much time as it would take you to imagine doing it.

Speed isn’t everything. There is a huge amount of technical savvy and creativity that goes into a successful photography career, especially working for Getty and operating at those high-stakes levels. Still, when it comes to photographing a movie star, pop singer, or even a CEO, you are going to be in demand among publicists and agents if you can pull it off in the time it takes your subject to walk from the stage to their dressing room.

Read more about Carlo Allegri and see some of his great photos on Profoto’s blog