When I first heard that Canon had made almost exact replica 70-200 f/4 coffee mugs for the Olympics in Vancouver, I had to have one. Unfortunately, they only made a small number of the mugs for the games, as a novelty hand-out for press photographers and such, and finding one was challenging to say the least.

But I did. And now I want to share this novelty with you, my dear reader.

Just a little warning here: these replica lens coffee mugs are not exactly cheap. Whether due to their rarity or because they’re limited-run items, they are priced more like high-end souvenirs than mugs.

Currently, the best source for these mugs is canonmugs.com, a charmingly “Engrish” site that evidently has either come into a huge collection of the original novelty mugs, or has outsourced their replication to some far-flung country. My guess is that these are actually replicas of the original novelty mugs, but I do own the Canon 70-200 mug and it’s as well-made as you would expect for such a thing.

The site also sells replica Nikon lens coffee mugs so you Nikon lovers can join the fun as well.

The only thing I wish my mug had is a real EF mount and cap on the bottom, rather than the rubber base that resembles a cap. If I could actually mount it on my camera, I could be seen nonchalantly detaching it and filling it with liquid, and that would be priceless.