Yeah, I bet you are. I have around five bags, both shoulder bags and backpacks; in my circle of friends that’s a low number. It seems like photographers are always buying new bags. No bag you buy is ever perfect, there’s always a new bag later on that you feel will better satisfy your lifestyle or your methods or your comfort.

So, how do you shop for a camera bag?

  • Go into B&H’s Manhattan super store and try 50 bags and buy the one you like most?
  • Read reviews on Google Shopping and and B&H’s website and decide based purely on others' experiences?
  • Wallpaper your dining room with the camera bag pages from B&H’s amazingly detailed printed catalog and throw darts at them?

I’ve used each of those methods, but they’re all a bit tedious.

Fear not, for the Internet has come to your rescue yet again. Bag Exposure is an entire website dedicated to reviewing camera bags. It looks like they’ve gotten started not too long ago, and the collection of reviews is not exhaustive, but if you’re looking for a bag, this might be a good resource to check out first.

Check out Bag Exposure