I know that I’m like a broken record when I talk about B&H, always rambling on and on about their impressive mid-town Manhattan superstore and how great their customer service is, how I’ve always felt like I was treated well by their floor staff and telephone sales folks, but you know I wouldn’t say any of these things if they weren’t true. B&H is the kind of company that inspires flattery because you just want everyone else to know how great they are.

On top of all that, their prices are always fair, and they make no exception with software. You’ve probably heard me babble on more than one occasion about how awesome Adobe Photoshop Lightroom is and how it changed my photography from the moment I tried the early beta versions. I’ve purchased every upgrade to Lightroom since version 1 and it still kicks ass. Anyway, getting back to the point, B&H is having a little promotion where you can get $100 off a copy of Lightroom when you buy practically any camera from them, including point-and-shoots.

If you haven’t tried Lightroom yet, try it. You can download a free trial right now if you want to give it a spin. When you decide you want to own it, just click the attractive banner below to see the list of products that get you the discount and click the “Buy Together & Save” link below your choice.

Buy a new pocket-size Canon PowerShot for your girlfriend/boyfriend/wife/husband and get $100 off Lightroom for yourself! That’s what I would do at least.

[Buy something in this list and get $100 off Lightroom 3.0!