Fashion. It is not the subject of this blog. Nevertheless, those of you out there who have not been living beneath a heavy boulder, sheltered from the comings and goings of the world around you, have very likely picked up on this silicone bracelet trend.

Perhaps calling it a “trend” at this stage is an embarrassing betrayal of my actual disinterest in fashion when you consider that the silicone (or “gel”) bracelet was popularized in 2004 by Lance Armstrong’s “LIVESTRONG” campaign, for which Nike produced tens of thousands of the yellow wristbands. Still, I keep seeing new ones turn up so let’s just pretend it’s still trending.

Either way, these colorful, flexible, waterproof bands have been co-opted by countless campaigns, companies, and movements since Lance popularized them. They are inexpensive to make, comfortable to wear, and you don’t even have to take them off since they will survive just about anything your body will, which puts them high in the running for what I would consider the ideal fashion accessory, not that I’m keeping score or anything.

Finally, photographers can join the throngs of people wearing silicone bracelets and make a clever fashion statement while doing it thanks to Adam Elmakias, creator of the simply and accurately named Lens Bracelet (a stack of his bracelets is pictured above).

Show your true colors (whether they be Canon “L” red or Nikon Nikkor gold) and wear your favorite focal lengths, literally, on your sleeve with one of a variety of Lens Bracelet designs suitable for both the Canon and Nikon crowds. Sorry, no Olympus, Sony, Panasonic, or Leica Lens Bracelets yet.

Compared to bracelets made of similar material on offer from other vendors for other purposes, the $10 price tag seems a little bit high. Still, I did spend $50 on a coffee mug shaped like a 70-200 f/4L, so it is hard for me to say that I would never buy one. Or two. Or maybe three… But certainly no more than six.

Check out all of the Lens Bracelets available on Adam Elmakias' site